Can Art Change the World
TEDxHyderabad talk
Her latest TEDx talk, Zena asks, "Can Art Change the World" continue reading
From Mirfaq to Vega
Video documentation
Follow this link to watch the video documentation of the exhibition From Mirfaq to Vega at Giorgio Persano Gallery in Turin. October 2014. continue reading
Interview on TED blog
Story behind From Mirfaq to Vega exhibition
In her current exhibition, “From Mirfaq to Vega,” el Khalil explores and mourns the physical and emotional repercussions of the destruction of her parents’ ancestral homes over decades of war and occupation in Lebanon. She does this through paintings, poetry, sculpture and sound. The exhibit is on view at the Giorgio Persano Gallery in Turin, Italy, through January 10, 2015.Here, she tells the TED Blog the story of her journey into her family’s past to retrieve the broken pieces, in the hope that art can transmute conflict and suffering continue reading
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